TalkShoes Testimonials: The cloth & Bone Harrow Boot

each time the weather condition turns temperate, like clockwork, I contemplate the precise exact same thing: ought to I, or ought to I not, purchase a pair of cloth & Bone støvler? one of my personal favorites in the comprehensive cloth & Bone boot household is the Harrow boot, however I was never rather sure if my like for it required the cost tag. On TalkShoes, I asked all of you if you believed cloth & Bone boots were worth the splurge, as well as numerous of you stated they were certainly worth every penny. as well as it’s not that I didn’t believe you, however I’m the type of person who needs to try things for myself, so that’s precisely what I did.

Below, discover out whether or not these booties passed the test in this edition of TalkShoes Testimonials.


This style is as traditional as ankle boots come, however it’s still well-crafted as well as unique. There are tons of ankle boots at this cost point, however after trying these out, I feel positive that none will have the exact same craftsmanship or interest to detail. The deep V on the upper, the luscious suede, the wrap-around buckle-strap as well as the chunky heel are all this boot needs to provide it the laid-back aesthetic that I crave every season.

comfort as well as FUNCTIONALITY

These boots were so comfortable, I was able to climb rocks for these photos. That states a lot.

Normally, this is the classification I judge many harshly, however in spite of the 3.5 inch heel, this boot still is worthy of a five-star rating. I was able to wear these boots to as well as from work, in addition to out as well as about after work, as well as it felt as if I was using slippers. Seriously, slippers. walking was a pleasure, as well as compared to my last Testimonial, they were a overall dream.

high quality & CONSTRUCTION

Here lies my only complaint. before I got my pair of boots to try out, I’d been doing some research study on our PurseForum, as well as so I understood that these boots had a credibility for running small. I was not gotten ready for just exactly how little they run, though. Normally, I take a size six, so I was recommended to try a seven. When I slipped my foot into the seven, before opening the buckle, I believed I may have been provided the wrong size by mistake. After opening the buckle, getting my foot in was a tad easier, however it was still a extremely snug endeavor. when I got in, though, things were comfortable.

You’ll want to be be cautious about size, however count on me, don’t let this minor problem stop you from potentially using one of the most comfortable boots ever.


Are the the Harrow boots worth the $525 cost tag? I was skeptical at first, however yes, I have to agree with everybody who recommended me to provide them a try. It’s difficult to discover heeled boots that, after long hours of wear, don’t hurt your feet; for the additional money it’s completely worth it. one more plus: since these boots as well as cloth & Bone’s other, similar designs have been around for a while, you can discover them on sale throughout the year in specific colors as well as materials. I try to include them as commonly I can in our regular shoe offers roundup.

staying POWER

These boots are a star as well as consumer favorite, as well as its their simplicity, craftsmanship as well as comfort that have made them prominent for seasons on end. just like a traditional pair of pumps is timeless, the Harrow is a solid addition to your wardrobe that you can expect to delight in for many years to come.

Total poengsum

I believe I’ve stated it all; the cloth & Bone Harrow Boot is a traditional that’s comfortable as well as fairly affordable. My only regret is that I waited this long to try a pair.

Buy this precise pair with cloth & Bone for $525.

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