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When we started PurseBlog as well as PurseForum 11 years ago, we chose I’d write, Vlad would focus on tech as well as the majority of our material would be about designer bags. I’d share my thoughts on a bag with you as well as I’d chat with the women on our PurseForum, however I didn’t want to overdo it in sharing myself or my personal life. I’d sprinkle it in right here as well as there–enough that I do believe I’ve shared rather a bit of my life–but just recently Vlad as well as I’ve been believing we’d like to share more.

This isn’t turning into a personal blog or a style blog; this site will stay about accessories as well as the fashion products you love, however weekly, I’ll get a bit much more personal with you. After 11 years, we are much more than a blog as well as I feel like I’ve developed connections with so numerous of our readers. I want there to be less of a disconnect there, as well as much more of an open dialogue that goes past bags at times. Every week, I’ll be sharing a bit about my week or life, as well as this method speaking about my pregnancy or other happenings won’t have to be connected to a publish about a bag. I’m so pleased to have so numerous of you that come back daily as well as chat with us, as well as I want to do the exact same in a new way. So let’s get started!

I talked about it in a random post, however because I’m expecting as well as the circumstance in South Florida was getting a bit frightening with Zika, Vlad as well as I chose to head to nyc as well as out of harm’s method about a måned siden. When Zika started to be transmitted in the Miami area, I took it extremely seriously. There are so numerous unknowns about the disease, as well as when the CDC showed the area of active transmission, both Vlad as well as I realized we had been there rather a few times in the active time frame. So of program I flipped out as well as called my doctor’s office, as well as my OBGYN stated both Vlad as well as I ought to be tested. Our tests came back negative, however a few days after that, we packed up as well as chose to find to NYC. At very first we didn’t understand exactly how long we’d stay, however eventually we chose to stay in nyc as well as provide our infant woman here. Although I am sure I’d most likely be alright even if I had stayed in Florida (I was hyper vigilant as well as used long sleeves, long pants as well as bug spray daily), it was frightening believing that any type of time I opened the door or walked outside, there was prospective to be bitten by a mosquito that might truly damage our baby. So right here we are, in NYC, trying to figure out the logistics of it all!

I’ve been adjusting back to life in NYC, as well as the only issue I’ve had the past month is the heat! It has been so warm, as well as any type of of you who have been expecting understand exactly how warm you get during pregnancy. I’m always hot here, to the point where I appeared like a crazy woman taking off every layer possible in a satisfying last week. Actually, just yesterday I got so overheated as well as dehydrated that I had to leave mid manicure since I seriously felt ill. however the warm is supposedly past us now, as well as I’m looking ahead to fall! Plus, I have rather the story to tell our infant woman when she’s old sufficient to hear about where she was born. Today I really had to wear a light jacket when we were out (taking these pics as well as going for a walk), so the weather condition modification is beyond welcomed.

Speaking of our baby, I haven’t even shared one of her ultrasound pictures on my Facebook page, however I want to show you! though every ultrasound scan has been truly incredible to view her grow, I never got an concept of what her deal with looked like. We haven’t done a 3D ultrasound scan yet (Should we? I’m undecided), however this past round provided us a fantastic look at her wonderful bit face. She was opening her eyes as well as opening her mouth, as well as when the tech hit the best angle we got a look at her face, I melted. It was amazing, as well as I gaze at the photo often.

Next week is a huge week for us since I’m having my infant shower, so my buddies as well as household are traveling to join us, as well as numerous of my nyc buddies are able to be there as well. I’ll be sure to share it with you all, as well as I’m truly excited, however I’m still trying to discover the best infant shower dress–if you have suggestions, let me understand below! hope you all had a fantastic week!

❤ Megs

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